Welcome to my blog.

Who am I? I’m a normal – almost – woman. European, married with no kids and too many cats. English is not my first language so, please, be patient with me. I’m trying to write my stories in english, though, because I just LOVE the sound.

I have a quite normal life but I’m aware that I mostly live inside my head. It’s not a scary place but it’s full of ideas and sometimes it’s overwhelming. Thank God I have a really patient and understanding husband.

I’m a M/M writer for passion and I can’t literally NOT writing every day.

I’ll post here mostly news about what I’m writing, about my boys, and about what inspires me. It’s likely that I’ll ask you for help or opinions, so feel free to comment. Probably I’ll also post some pieces of my stories and I hope you’ll appreciate them.

If you don’t like gay stories, boys kissing and so on, this is not the right place for you, I’m sorry. 🙂

Thanks for being here!

ps: If someone is willing to do beta reading for my stories, please contact me!



Che dire di me? Sono una donna normale – quasi – sposata, senza figli e con troppi gatti. Mi piace considerarmi metà italiana e metà irlandese.

Come vedete il post viene tenuto in due lingue, visto che sto traducendo in inglese le mie storie M/M originali. Quindi, quando posterò qualcosa relativamente alle mie storie italiane, sarà un post italiano, e quando sarà qualcosa relativo alle storie in inglese, ovviamente sarà un post in inglese.

Sentitevi liberi di lasciare commenti dove volete!

A presto!

By Erin

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