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Soooo, after The Wanderers (that took the fly and now it’s safe in the magic hands of my beta), I’m working on Unexpected, although my inspiration seems to have taken some days/weeks of holidays.
I’m stuck at 43.000 words and damn! I can’t find a way to go on! *headdesk*
Not that these last weeks have been easy for me… *sighs*

I’d like to introduce my guys to you *_*

While The Wanderers is set on 1963, Unexpected is a contemporary story. The main characters are Alex and Daniel: the grumpy and the most patient man in the world. Newly flatmates.

Alex acts like jerk – sometimes you can think he’s homophobic – and Daniel acts like he is: a sweet gay guy, calm, funny and easygoing. I love both of them, as well as I love the others two flatmates: the crazy Gabriel and the ‘balanced’ Kevin.

I’m going to paste here below a little sneak peek. Alex and Daniel: the first meeting.

I hope you like it! Feel free to let me know what you think about it <3


He made his way toward the living room, dodging someone who was running into the bathroom and, as he walked past the door, the bell rang. He looked at his clock and noticed the late hour. Who the hell was yet to come to the party?  He snorted as he opened the door, facing a tall guy – seriously, inhumanly tall – who was looking at him through some ridiculous tufts of hair that covered his eyes.

Alex raised an eyebrow and looked at the guy from head to toe, noticing a suitcase on the floor beside him. He had dark hair and clear eyes, blue maybe, or grey. He was wearing a black t-shit over a pair of loose jeans.

“Yes?” He asked then, bringing another bottle of beer to his lips.

“Hmm… Are you Gabriel?” The stranger asked.

“No. Thank God, no. Who are you?”


“I don’t know you. What do you want?”

Alex wasn’t really a people person.

“I- I should talk to Gabriel… is he there?”

“Gabriel… Hayes?” Alex said with a half smile. “Yes, he’s here. Are you a fan?”

“A-  what?”

“Fan. F.A.N.” he spelled out. “Do you know the ones who usually admire/like/love an actor/singer/whatever?”

“Oh, fan. Sure. No. Why? Should I be a fan?”

Alex sighed, already bored.

“Come inside and find him yourself.”

“B-but… I don’t know him…”

“And why are you looking for him, then?” Alex snorted, leaning against the door, speaking like he was talking with a slow minded person.

“A mutual friend told me that you have a spare room and you are looking for a roommate. He told me to ask him.”

The buzz from the alcohol disappeared in a second and Alex stood up and called out a: “WHAT?” in the guy’s face.

“GABRIEL!” he shouted, then he gestured toward somewhere in the room. “Bring your drunken ass over here!”

Gabriel appeared a few moments later, darting his blue eyes between Alex and Daniel who in that moment wanted to disappear.

“What was that?” Gabriel asked opening his arms.

He was that,” Alex replied dryly pointing out Daniel.

“Hum, Gabriel? Hello, I’m Daniel Cornell. Maybe Jason told you about me,” he whispered with the hint of a smile.

Gabriel slapped his forehead, and Alex raised an eyebrow.

“If I were you, I would hit it harder,” he muttered.

“Holy crap! I forgot to tell you!”

“Oh, really?” Alex said sarcastically.

By Erin

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