Old story – New Story

Hey, there!

I’m glad to tell you that Unexpected is done! Now I’m going to send it to my delicious proofreader and then I’ll try to submit it to the publisher.

Actually I already submitted Forbidden love, that likely will change the title, and I’m waiting for an answer. They said they need at least 4 weeks and the time is running out, so I’m very nervous! I so hope they’ll accept the story *-*

I’ll post an excerpt later!

About Unexpected… it’s not really long, I think it’s more a novella (not even 50.000 words) but what makes me think is that I really loved it at the beginning, but at the end, when I reread it, I was… mmmm… what if it’s boring?

I hate to be boring!

Now I’m working on a story mostly set in Paris *_*

Keep your fingers crossed for me! <3

By Erin

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