Meet Andy

This is the beginning of “The Wanderer”.

And in these first pages you can meet one of my two guys, Andy <3

I hope you like this excerpt *.* Thank you!


He went upstairs and headed toward one of the bedrooms and entered the one he thought was his since it had been set up with his furniture. There was another larger room with a matching bathroom for his parents and a room to match his for his sister with a tiny bathroom for them to share. On the second floor there were three rooms and two bathrooms. The biggest room was for his parents, like the biggest bathroom, while the others two were for him and his sister, just like the little bathroom.

It was not large but comfortable. There was everything he needed: a bed, a closet, a desk, a dresser, and a bookcase. There was a mirror above the desk and he examined his reflection. Sometimes he could see why his father thought that he was a kid, because actually, he wasn’t really a man yet, despite his age. He was a little bit skinny: not too much, but his body wasn’t as strong as his father’s, muscled and honed after years of active training. He was 5 ‘7″ but lean, almost delicate at first appearance. He knew that he was not really as built as some of the men under his father’s charge, but he was muscular. It just…  wasn’t as evident since he had no bulk but lean muscles on his smaller frame. And his beard had yet to make itself known.

The thing that made him seem so young was his face. His features were sweet and delicate, and he wasn’t sure how to appreciate them. His eyes were green and his nose was covered in freckles. His hair was light brown, a little bit wavy on the neck – and this was another thing that his father hated because it was too long. Alan repeated overtime and again that Andy had to cut it, because a man had to have a short haircut, and absolutely no grease – it was forbidden in his father’s house. Andy had managed to find some anyway and he used it when his father wasn’t at home, but Andy’s mother had always kept the secret. Sometimes, of course, Andy cut his hair, but never as short as his father required, and it was another thing that he wasn’t going to change. He was nearly nineteen, for God’s sake!

Andy combed his hair with his fingers and he smiled at his reflection. There were so many things that were going to change in a few months.

He smiled again and he started to take his things out of the boxes and place them in their rightful places: the record player on the desk, LPs in the folder near the bed, and his beloved books on the shelf. He selected the right music for that moment and the notes of “The Wanderer” by Dion filled the room. He had always considered himself a wanderer, at least in his mind, and that definition would be even more right in the future, although Andy was yet unaware.

He hung posters of The Four Seasons and The Beach Boys and placed shirts, pants, and every other piece of clothing in the closet. After that, he took a shower and he came down for dinner, where his father announced that he would be leaving early the next morning for work. Andy was relieved.

Later, that night, Andy looked out from the window in his bedroom and enjoyed the silence.

He spent that first night in his new bed, thinking that his life was good and that everything would go perfectly. Was he really a kid, after all? No, he didn’t think so. He was just full of hope.

By Erin

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