Time to say goodbye to my English (or not italian) followers

Don’t worry, nothing dramatic, but yeah, it’s time to say goodbye to my not Italian followers.

I mulled over this for the whole weekend.

As you may know, I self published my first novel in English and well, it’s not going very well. (And no, this is not because of the guy who basically insulted me calling me illiterate. I know I’m NOT.)  It’s  because I feel it, and I knew it would end up like this. Call me a control freak, but I felt it could happen something like this, not having the perfect control over my work.

Being English not my first language, and even though I put all my efforts in translating from Italian to English, you will always ‘feel’ I’m not native, you will always think there’s something weird or clumsy in my words.

I’m not feeling bad or ashamed at saying this. It’s the truth, and no one is good at doing everything, right?

I will always be grateful to my beta readers, they did a very good job with me, but I can’t go on publishing novels or stories in English if the result is clearly not good enough.

It’s not fair towards the people who would buy the book. That’s why I’m also going to take away the novel from Amazon, as soon as they will let me doing it.

Plus, it’s not fair for myself. I write in Italian, under the same penname, and honestly it’s a pity that I’m going to ruin what I did in my language because of my incapacity in translating properly (in English. Because actually I’m pretty good in translating FROM English).

So yeah, I will continue to write, but in Italian. My short story, published by Triskell Edizioni, has been really appreciated, so… I guess my future will be writing only in Italian.

This means that from now on this blog, my twitter and my Facebook page will be in Italian. And I guess I’ll even stop using the pen-surname, just being “Erin”.

Many of you know me ‘personally’, so if you are my friends I’m not going to loose you, right? You know where you can find me.

To the other ones… thanks for being with me.

By Erin

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  • sauraunderscore

    2 Aprile 2013 at 9:39

    I think that your English is pretty good, considering that it’s not your native language. Someone said once “they could tell when they can speak Italian as good as you can speak English”. Your novel has a few mistakes. I’ve seen NATIVE English speakers with mistakes three times harder than you, that won’t apologise for it. The person who told you something so awful is a very sad person who surely can’t speak a word in any other language.

    It’s a shame that you cannot share your work with those of us who can’t speak Italian, really.

    But, dare I say… Have you ever think on writing in English? Not a translation from a fantastic Italian text. Directly in English. Have you ever try doing that?

  • pippii

    5 Aprile 2013 at 14:32

    I think this is way dramatic, and it makes me so so sad…
    You know how much I love your stories, so I am not just saying this because I know you personally and you are my friend.
    I really enjoy reading your writing I have told you that many times before…
    But in the end this is your decicion and if you feel the need to do it, so be it.
    But it is making this beautiful sunny day very dark and sad for me……

  • realpandora

    10 Aprile 2013 at 22:28

    Babe! Noooo!
    That’s really a shame! You know I love reading your works (being them in english and/or in Italian) and you know that I was a great supporter of this English attempt (because I thought, and I still do, that everyone should enjoy the experience of reading one of your books!).
    I’m very sad for the not Italian readers who have lost that possibility… and… I’m very grateful to be Italian (sorry out there! ;D) so I can continue to be one of your most ardent fans!
    Love you sooo much!

  • Lasha Spencer (@Lasha)

    21 Maggio 2013 at 4:17

    I’m so sorry that you decided to do this. I wish my Italian was up to par to read your new books, but it’s been 20 years since I lived in Bella Napoli, so I will hope one day you will come back to writing in English too. Good luck with your new book(s).

    1. Erin

      22 Maggio 2013 at 6:29

      I’m sorry too. I think I’ll translate my stories again as soon as I’ll be SURE – like 100% sure – that I found an ‘almost’ professional beta. And I know it’s not easy. At all.
      I’m so happy I had the chance to publish a couple of novellas and who knows, maybe I’ll even find someone who wants to help translating them 😉

      Ohhh so you’ve been here in Italy? That’s so AWESOME! I’d like to help you refreshing your italian if you want <3

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