Silent Night – Christmas story

Okay, then. This is my first post in English after a long time.

As you may know, in the next months one of my books will be published in the US. Since you don’t know me at all, I decided to translate some of my free stories, to give you the chance to familiarize with me as a writer (if you are interested in doing so, obviously).

Honestly I’m still reeling from the fact that an American publisher accepted my novel. It’s such an awesome feeling! And just today, I’ve been contacted by a group of Spanish translators who offered me to translate my stories in Spanish.

How AWESOME is that? I never thought it was possible that someone not Italian could be interested in my stories!

Anyway, the first story I’m sharing with you it’s a Christmas novella. I wrote it last year and I offered it for free for an antology released by my Italian publisher.

I really hope you like it! It’s nothing hot. It’s just a sweet short Christmas story.

I must thank Chiara, who helped me with the first draft of the translation, and Annette who beta read it! Thank you, girls <3

You can find the story on Archive of our own HERE or HERE on this blog.

Let me know what you think! I’d be thrilled to have a feedback from you!

[I also invite you in my new page Thank you!]

By Erin

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