I’m so lucky!

Look at what I received today! My friend Laura did the cover for the story I’m working on now, Unexpected *-*

OMG It’s just AMAZING! *is jumping around* *______________________*

She knows I have (had) a huge crush for Thore Schölermann, a German actor (the one on the left) and she ‘gave’ his face to one of my characters. Actually this choice fits perfectly (Alex has green eyes while Thore has them blue, but since she changed their color… *grins*).

I don’t know the other one young man (he’s supposed to be Gabriel) but he is so gorgeous and yes, He looks like Gabriel to me!

You know, she is like a grumpy old lady – she actually isn’t – and she rejects the social interaction – mostly online and I can’t really blame her lately – but I’m lucky because she chose to be my friend. And she is one of the best friend EVER (no, she’s mine and I don’t share :P). Not only for what she did for me now, but because she is a costant presence in my life. Thank you, Laura, for everything.

Love you so much! <3

By Erin

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