Aaand… done!

It’s been a while from the last time I wrote.
How are you people?
I’m sick with flu but I’m ok overall.

I’m sorry to be disappeared. I’m not lazy, I swear. It’s just I have so many things to do it’s not funny anymore. I work in the office, I translate books, I write my own story… oh yeah, I also have a husband and a house. The last one is totally neglected btw. I’m not a good housewife, not even a tiny little bit. LOL

Anyway, my “Forbidden love” story is basically over. I’m going through it again because I want to add some parts here and there (I’m not a long-winded ‘writer’ when it comes to descriptions) but I’m pretty proud of it. YAY!!

I am proud of my guys too 🙂 I think I will miss them…

By Erin

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